Thursday, January 1, 2015


I do wish to apologize for our unplanned extended silence. No one has been sick or anything of that nature, nor has there been any partying. It has merely been a case of my being swamped up to my neck in work. And when I've not been working I've been snuggled up with a kitty. Jaz has been absolutely loving the snuggles and even once almost fell asleep under the covers with me. And she doesn't like sleeping with her head covered... I did score a good deal on cat litter tho... 40lb for the same price as my usual 28lb box. It's not the same exact stuff but it's the same brand. Score one for the human! And please don't ask how I picked it up. It was a lot of lifting, shifting and wedging it up high enough. I can hear several humans whimpering about my size and back... I AM FINE. Seriously. I only lifted it once.

(PS that's Cur in the pic.)

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Brian Frum said...

We from that photo it looks like 2015 is off to a snuggly start!