Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Flashback Squee

I just shared this picture a little while ago on fb with my dear friend Jennifer (you know her on twitter as @hemmingwayscat). It made me think back as to how special Nimbus was and how blessed we truly were to have had such a wonderful, smart, truly good cat even though his time here was short. He truly inherited his mama's brains and then ran off with it. He was the smartest cat ever and one of the smartest BEINGS period. Yes I am saying he was smarter than a lot of humans I know. He knew there was a time to get involved in an argument and a time to stay out of it. There's nothing wrong with sizing up your situation before leaping into it. There's nothing wrong with submitting to a situation that you cannot control but you need to get through (like him with his constant needle poking and prodding with his diabetes). Love the ones you love with all your heart, and love those who say they don't like you even more, because love conquers all. I saw him convert more than one "cat disliker" into at least liking him. And once you like one, it opens the door for others.
I cherish those moments so much and the memories he gave us. He was the 2nd biggest cat I've ever known, but he had the sweetest heart of em all. He was our peace maker, our sheriff, and our resident furry oven (though he completely disliked being cuddled unless it was on his terms - just like his mother). He was my nurse more than once and his purrs were more healing than any scientist could ever explain. He knew how to purr loud and how to purr gentle when the vibration would hurt.
While I still sometimes struggle with the fact that I wasn't able to save him, I also realize that my "saving him" would've only postponed the inevitable and may have even been worse for him. In letting him go when I did, throwing in the towel, I ended his misery and set him free of all the issues that had plagued him half of his short life. As the CatMan says, a candle that shines so bright surely cannot shine long. And there was never such a brighter soul.
Now as I finish this Jadzia joins me, so join us in sending love and hugs across the RB where surely every animal soul must go because they are truly the purest of beings. There's no love greater than that between a human and their beloved animals, whether cat, dog, or any other animal.


PS: well I cant even go a minute without Curzon being jealous that Jaz was getting attention lol. Wherever one is, the other is NEVER far behind. Twins! LMAO


Summer said...

Purrs to you - it's always hard to lose a kitty... but with some it's even harder. <3

Lynx217 said...

Yes it is. Nim devastated me. But I kept going. These twins will be even harder. but I told em they have to at least see 20 lol

Brian106sc said...

Love that sweet pic!

Lynx217 said...

they had an uncanny bond. she never seemed interested in him leaving the roost like most mama cats do. and it was a good thing too because he never had any interest in leaving!