Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Still Here!

We're still here, promise!
Mama's been quite busy lately, and when she's not, we've been piled on her. As a matter of fact, I'm on her lap and one arm as I dictate this post! Mama really does need to rest so we are doing our best! She's not sick or anything, just always moving it seems! But today she promised us would be snuggle day so we're holding her to that! Though that means one thing: kisses! EW! Humans!

Queen Jadzia

PS: I'm teleporting over tonight for a snuggle with my bootiful ladycat, Zoe. Hope you don't mind, Brian. I just miss her tremendously and as soon as I get enough nip and snacks together, I'll be over! Don't worry, I'm bringing plenty for everyone! But I miss Zoe and feel the need to make sure she's doing wonderful myself. *pawhugs* - Curzon

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Jennifer Anne said...

Hmmm... Does your mum complain when you nap on her lap while she's typin'. My Peep #1 complains when I do that. Don't know why. Personally, I think she's just bein' a peep. MOUSES!