Saturday, May 9, 2015

For Nissy's Mum From Our Mum


I know your world is all turned upside down. Trust me I know. I sat in the vet hospital on the morning of the terrorist attacks with a dying cat. I came home to find Nimbus barely holding on to life, so lifeless in his face. I understand.  I know you know and we all know.
Know that the CB, FB and Twitterverse are all behind you in this time. Nissy is and will forever be a legend of the anipal community. I will never forget shortly after Nim went and I did his memorial service. It was so hard even to look at his pictures. But I wanted his story out there. I didn't want anyone remembering him by the HCM or the Diabetes. I didn't want that to be his legacy. I wanted his legacy to be the gentle giant that he was, peace officer, and uber-patient patient. I couldn't even sleep in for two years, even for 5 minutes. He WANTED that poke and shot. And he'd sit and wait and wait and wait if I was having a hard time getting enough blood.
Now look at me, I'm getting a little weepy... LOL
You will carry on. The pain sucks like hell the first year or two. It was hell I know when Nimbus went. We lost Inigo and then Sniffie and then Nim and then our roommate went within just a couple years or so of each other. The twins didn't play for months. They mourned. And just as they were starting to, the roommate died, and it was back to square one. But time moves on, and the pain eases just a bit.
Carry on for Nissy. Help others that are fighting the same illness he fought. I sent Nim's kit on after he died. Another kitty got a little extra time because of Nim. And then when Brian's sisfur Zoe gave us the scare of a lifetime, we were right there. And I do think Nim might've had a paw in making sure Zoe didn't end up with Diabetes permanently. And that only seems right for the ladycat likely to become his Auntie!
Hold his favorite toys. I know they probably make you cry now. Down the road they'll comfort you.
Get a few of his best digital pics printed up and put them in a special album or frame them. I have a pic of Nim I had no idea was rated R until long after he was gone... So we're talking a 9 year old picture maybe more? LOL
Tell the world his story. Even if no one reads it (and I can guarantee they will but that's beside the point), his story will be out there and it'll inspire someone else.
And know, we furless slaves all love you too.


(Psssttt... I've given Nissy full permission to borrow use of my typist now and then if he needs to. And to everyone else... The pawty hasn't stopped here yet! Nissy is having a blast and he just discovered he can be a kitten if he wants to be! Oh my... LOL - Nimbus)


Brian106sc said...

Dang, I got all weepy too.

The Florida Furkids said...

Beautiful post...and so true. I have pics of Sniffie, Tamir and Clifford on my desk and one of Auntie El on the other side....they are with me all the time. Nissy was such a special kitty and will live on forever in the hearts of those whose lives he touched.

The Florida Furkids