Thursday, November 12, 2015

An Update

The kitties mama has been taking care of are doing good. Mama accidentally plumped Lilly up a little so she's trying to fix that. Rico is making great strides, even greeting mama at the door this am! He's not there yet but he's making good progress. He's still a runner but he's not hiding immediately. Huge progress! Mama leaves a light and classical music on for them at night so they hopefully don't feel so alone.

We are so very thankful our mama has such a big heart. She's taken in a sick hamster and an abandoned pet rat (as a kid), turned an angry cat into her best bud and bodyguard (Snowflake), rescued us and a filthy wee kitten that was about to get abandoned (Ollie), and now this... yet she doesn't think she's done much? Oh and we forgot about when the kitty we named Cricket showed up and all the love and tears vested in that cat before a neighbor took her in and found her human!

We LOVE our mama!

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