Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Saying Goodbye

So my neighbor came home Sunday, and while it's not goodbye, it is goodbye to the two or three time a day trips over there. It's goodbye to precious Rico love. He's back to hiding under the bed, far away from the kid. I do miss it all already in a way. But at least for a brief moment in time, he got to feel love, know peace, and relax. And it also tells me that when no one's home, he probably comes out and relaxes, and when the kid is in school, he probably does get love from mama. So all is not lost, at least I hope. I went and played with Lilly last night while I was waiting for Angie to get home (I still have the backup key as she tends to be forgetful to say the least). If you've got a talented twist in mid jump kitty, you won't be as impressed, but for me watching the aeronautical abilities of that little girl just amaze me. I've seen kitties jump high; Nimbus was the KING of that. But the twisting in mid-air... just amazing. But she is a young, light lass. She's maybe a year old, and maybe half-Jaz weight and size.
I do hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. This was the first year I've been guaranteed the day off in a long time, so to be able to relax and actually celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday instead of pushing it back to the weekend was nice. I baked the Green Bean Casserole Wednesday night and then my better half cooked the turkey Thursday. I had a hard enough time getting it in the fridge. There was no way I was getting that heavy bird out of the oven with 3 boxes of stuffing in it! While the bird was finishing up, I got the potatoes and gravy ready and then we ate, honestly earlier than we normally eat. The twins didn't eat much that night but Jadzia had a good portion of turkey Friday night! I was more than happy to let her eat just as much as she wanted. She's a good girl, doesn't beg for people food (unlike Curzon who will stare a hole through you and then snub what you give him LOL), and doesn't eat that much in one sitting. I think she had like 5 little pieces before she said she was done and darted off, but she was happy.
Can't leave you without a cat picture! <3 br="">

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