Monday, January 18, 2016

Somber Monday

Today is very, very somber day here. It has nothing to do with the cats, the twins weren't even alive for the worst of it.
Fifteen years ago today my mom had a massive heart attack and died. How long she was gone before they found her isn't known for sure, but it was apparently upwards of a day. The thought is that she died early in the morning.
I cannot put into words how much losing her devastated me. She was all I had; it was just the two of us my whole life. And in losing her, I lost what little family I had left.
In the following years, a lot had changed, first for the worse with 9/11 and having to send Snowflake OTRB the same year. But then as I've famously said, the hubby took in a bunch of strays and made us a family just shy of 2 years after mom died. Rescuing the twins a month after the terrorist attacks was as much them saving me as it was me saving them.
Six years and four moves after mom died, my world was once again shaken with the news that my mom's best friend died in a freak accidental fire on the anniversary of my mom dying. They were the closest of friends while I was growing up and was so dear to me that the first time I went home after I'd settled in with the hubby in Ohio, I stopped by and made sure that she got to pay her respects at mom's grave. They were inseparable. Even a 5 mile walk couldn't separate them. So losing both on the same day makes it even harder.

Mom, Gayle... time doesn't ease the pain, but it doesn't diminish the memories either. Love transcends all, and there's no distance that can take it away. Until we see each other again...

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