Thursday, June 30, 2016

Preliminary Results..

So the initial results are back in from the vet. We're still waiting for one more thyroid test to come back, which will be tomorrow.
Jadzia is a healthy, though plump little kitty. She was such a good girl considering she got poked from both needles and the dreaded thermometer, manhandled, paws trimmed, and had to share a carrier with her brother both there and back. The only crying was while she was on the floor while I was reassembling the carrier after she was done so I could help with Curzon. The bump on her neck appears to be a benign tumor, nothing to worry about. It can be removed - for a price of course. But with her age, I just don't want to put her under if I don't have to.
And speaking of Curzon...
He was a naughty boy. They had to bring out the big gloves (like you see raptor caretakers wear) and a towel JUST TO TRIM HIS CLAWS. He was good on the trip there and back though, let out a whimper or two on the way there and that was it.
He's got thyroid issues. Which explains his sudden weight loss earlier this month. We apparently caught it early, though he's still quite elevated. Once we know just how bad the situation is, we'll start him on medicine, likely Tuesday. I am so very glad it's not something worse, but considering he is 15 almost and "showing his age" a little more than his sister (vet's words, not mine) I am still concerned.
All in all it was a good trip, and I'm glad I shelled out as much $ as I did. It made things make sense. And hopefully it reminded the vet that Curzon means business, even at almost 15. I do think they'll both make it to 20, and I wouldn't put it past Jaz to make it to 25 just to beat every other cat either of us humans have ever had. She's a stubborn little lady... She's just a little bigger than her brother now! lol

Thank you everyone for your purrs that knew about their vet trip... and those that are like WHAT?!? Don't feel bad. I was going to try to get them in Friday before work but neither of my vets were going to be there but they had an appointment an hour and a half after I called so I jumped at it.
And those trying to figure out how I did it... I got my license last week! And I had the van, so that's how!

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