Friday, May 26, 2017

Flashback Friday

Young twins (Nimbus was a baby) back long before they detested being so close LOL.
(They still get close they just don't usually know because one's asleep when the other joins them!)

As some of you know we had a mighty bad scare with Curzon about a month ago. He's an old man, with old man problems. Namely, the inability to sleep through the night without meowing! One night was extremely bad and I'd called the vet in desperation for some medicine to help him sleep. Well not only did it fail miserably, it gave him so much energy that his haunches were getting weak and kept half falling over! I was terrified but it was the weekend. We watched him Saturday as the medicine finally got out of his system and Sunday he was thankfully back to his normal self. But for a day or two there, I was terrified that my need for sleep might just be the end of the old man. Flashback to the guilt for not succeeding in getting Nimbus through his crises (tho in reality I know I did everything I could).
Hard to believe the twins will be 16 in September. Geez, where has time gone? I still remember rescuing both like it was yesterday LOL!

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