Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Not So Wordless Wednesday

I wanna thank all of you for coming back now that we're getting back to semi regular posting. We haven't been able to start returning the favor but we do try to actually keep up. It's not easy right now but we will get there.
As most of you know Curzon was diagnosed hyperthyroid last year. He's not the strapping 16lb mancat of his youth, but he's also quite the senior kitty! His weight has stabilized and he's actually been sleeping thru the night the last couple nights (tho he was a little early this morning). When I rescued him and his sister off the streets nearly 16 years ago, I promised them I'd get them thru whatever came. I didn't expect Curzon to make it to be honest. But love and nurturing triumphed long enough for us to find the cat daddy and let him finish what I'd started. Now together as a family we're guiding them thru their senior years. All of the cat daddy's previous girlcats got into their 20s and I'm hoping both of the twins do too.
Jadzia continues to astound me. She's still dang near lightning fast and sharp. She really isn't showing her age at all. I really am jealous. She's such a good cat, and that I didn't expect to see happen. She used to be so mean at times, especially to poor Nimbus! Don't get me wrong, she's still feisty and sometimes ornery (but you gotta be with Curzon as a brofur), but all in all she's been a gem!
And me? Well.... hey let's just say it has been a ride. I got out of hell work-wise a couple years ago and while it was touch and go for a little while and bumpy in spots, I ended up right where I think I should've been a long time ago. I won't say I don't ever pout that I don't wanna go to work, but it's not that I dread my job. I just hate getting out of bed! But who doesn't...
Anywho......... be well frens and kiss your furry kids.

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