Sunday, August 6, 2017

Extended absence and the woofie

Some of you I guess haven't seen Jameson before. He is a neighbor's wee woofie, but he's taken to our humans and vice versa, so his humans often let our humans hang out and go on wee walks. He looks like a pup but he's actually like 8 LOL.

We had a storm building west of us a few days ago and mama nerded out watching it grow. It ended up building north of us instead of swooping in but mama was so excited she didn't care mol.

I decided I'd hang out with daddy. Yes it's summer here but the humans always keep fleece around for us - and mama's always getting chilled. As some of you know I wear 2 collars - a leather medium woofie collar that used to be Nimbus' and a lavender calming collar. Mama says not only do I need a new one, but sisfur is getting one too because she's getting "yappy" too, whatever that means. Mol. She hasn't gotten her bath yet but mama furminated her haunches and then snipped out a bunch of mats. Bath still coming, she's just waiting until next week.

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