Saturday, April 28, 2007

My latest project

Here are the pics of my box just before she was finished. The only thing left is the top trimming. I tried to mix it up a bit so that it would look totally different from the other two boxes I've done lately. Thus the red-white-blue alternating top left panel, and the alternating rows of alternating earth tones and patriotic colors of the bottom panel. The bottom left panel of diagonal stripes is the bottom, as seen from the inside. I'm really surprised that I got this one done as fast I did. I just have to figure out what color to do the top. Each of the joining sides is a different color, as I tried to ensure that the colors didn't blend into the patterns as much as possible. Now if only someone wanted this kind of stuff, it'd be nice to make some money doing this!

By the way, the pics are also on my picasa page solo under the "project photos" album

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