Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Just as I thought I knew my cats...

... Nimbus proves me wrong. The lil feller usually is good if I carry him outside and to the creek or to see someone, but not today! I still haven't checked my shoulder yet for wounds from his claws getting through my tshirt and sweatshirt. All I'm going to say is this: there should be a warning label attached to Maine Coons - "beware this cat may be stronger than you" LOL. Gotta love the cat though!

I think this picture gives you enough of an idea of how big this cat is... from snout to rear (not including tail) he is over 2' long. Bless his little heart though, he's got cardiomyapthy. But he's doing well. I just hope I didn't put too much a strain on his heart though. But it's also the reason he doesn't go out that often - too much to get his heart racing too much. I'll let him get his exercise inside where he can quit whenever he wants to, and he seems to know when to quit very well.

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