Monday, April 23, 2007

Writer's block and project idea?

You know I've hit a case of writer's block when I'm asking my chat friends what issue to tackle next... I've dried up as I've not really wanted to watch much news right now and the rest hasn't been very interesting. What's left to say?
Let's take a look at Atty. Gen. Gonzalez. Does anyone really think this is the first time a federal attorney got fired for political reasons? Uhm, I bet it's happened under just about every president in recent history, even Clinton. Not focusing enough on the president's issues is "lackluster job performance" or some other excuse. So why the focus all of a suddenly on what the media is referring to as "Gonzalezgate" now? Easy. His boss is extremely unpopular, and any chance to stick a thorn into the president's side is happily taken. Also, the democrats are in control, so things are easier to push through, and there are just enough disenfranchised republicans to go along with it to make it look bipartisan.
Uhm... What else is in the news I haven't already covered lately? How about all the sneezing, wheezing, and itchy eyes going around? Where's THAT in the news? Everyone I talk to is suffering. It can't be just my little pocket of the world. What's in the air this spring that's driving everyone crazy? Or is just the rapid temperature shifts? Just this week we're going from 80s to 70s to 60s to 50s back to the 60s with rain at least three days this week... NO MORE RAIN PLEASE! I don't care what the Weather Channel says about supposed heightened fire dangers. Have they not looked at the Delaware River? Or how about the rivers around NYC? HUH? We need a break!!
I guess I should cut off at least one rant early... I could vent for a few more WEEKS lol.
On a personal note before I go, I'm making good progress on my second big box. I got one section left (not sure if it's going to be my bottom yet but I think it is) and the lid. I'm going to try something I never have before. I'm going to try to an one-sided attachment and have a flip-lid instead of a removable one. Worst-case scenario, I pass on it and save the square for something else. Lol... So we'll see. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with this last square. I'm plum out of ideas, though I've been thinking of taking a pattern off my small box I made ages ago. I'm just hoping the camera picks up all the colors on my two multi-color squares, especially the alternating earth tones and patriotic rows square. I'm not sure if it's going to be able to distinguish the brown from a black or the dark blue either for that matter. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I'm working with squares with 27 stitches available both horizontally and vertically (duh, it's a square *shakes the blondes that didn't get that* lol).
Alright, I'm shutting up!! Laters folks!

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Walter parker said...

Hey, Sharon, Please send some of thet rain that you are complainng about over here to Australia, particuly to the southern section . All of us dopwn here need rain and good rain bacdly. Have a good day.