Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another attempt

I am trying once again (like for the third time), to make a lid for my plastic canvas boxes - that FITS lol. If I can get this one to work, I have the pattern finally and will be able to make the lids for my other two boxes. I knitted myself a little piece to put in my cross-stitch box to attach the canvas spindles I made for the thread pieces so they're not getting all tangled up but I haven't figured out how to attach them to the piece. I am not sure whether I want to tie the plastic on or what. I knitted before I planned, what can I say. So typical of me! One of these days I'll quit working on this canvas stuff and figure out what I'm going to do with my army of bears! LOL. I've been thinking about making a football team out of them but that'd require me making a football field, and that's a lot of canvas no matter how you look at it! I've also been thinking about making a little mini-village for one of my cousin's kids but I'm not sure by the time I got done with it they'd like it, kids grow up so fast you know. Who knows, I may just may display them all somehow, and then I get to figure out how to do that! LOL. I'm not messing with cutting or gluing glass... so I'd have to find something cheap and pre-made. Or, just keep them all in their house... box. The picture shows most of them, the ones that only have two bears have since been updated but I'm not going to waste the memory on another picture of just a few bears... you get the point! Someday I'll figure out what I'm going to do with them!!

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Jeannine said...

They're such cute little bears!