Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some news thoughts

I hate to say it but the British toddler and the American mother missing are both dead. Both have been gone over a week and there's still no idea where they are. The chances of a happy ending are very slim. We can - and should - pray for the best. But we should also expect the worst. We need to focus as much energy on finding them and finding who did this to them as possible.
I think this recent CRAP with Rosie O'Donnel is just a big publicity ploy on her part. She wants to be known as the best thing that ever walked onto that set, and all she is is a big blabbering fool. She has said so much rediculous crap recently it's hard to stand by her. And while I don't agree with Ms. Hasselbeck politically all the time, I admire her standing up to Rosie and for her beliefs.
What is it with the "border security" laws? Why can't we enforce the laws we have on the books? You think poor Americans won't take jobs working at McDonald's? WRONG! If it's what is available, at least the poorest will take it. But no, it goes to idiots here illegally that can't even speak our language. I can see the farm hands, most of us won't work 12 hours in the farms getting burned day in and day out, especially not for wages that the farmers can afford to pay. FINE. Let them have those jobs. BUT, after the growing season, go back home! Go through the legal channels to get citizenship.
Why are gas prices so high? I seen in today's paper a picture of a gas sign in Chicago: 4.39/gal or something like that! OMFGG THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS! It's time we tax the **** out of these big gas companies and require that they not pass the costs on. The only way they get out of the taxes is upgrading facilities and/or capacity. Use that money to help the people hurting so bad buy more fuel-efficient vehicles, hybrids, or go towards mass transit. Lets hope that we finally get out of our fuel dependency. Hydrogen should be the new fuel of the future. It doesn't have pollution issues that ethanol does. It's only byproduct is water - which could be used in the home or on the farms... think about it!!! It's genius!
I seen Congressman Biden on TV today. I actually liked what he was saying for the most part. I haven't heard much about him mainly because of the focus on Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama, Mr. Giulani, and Mr. McCain. But he seemed reasonable, smart, logical, and genuine. Let's see if this holds up. I really would appreciate comments!!

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Jeannine said...

I think the illegals should all GO HOME. I will help send them on their way if need be. Even if they speak English, they should go back to their own country. I think it's crazy that the U.S. and the western world seem hell-bent on importing the third world into the first world. No good will come of it.

(Can you tell I feel strongly about this subject?) :-)