Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Chat - Good Question

Does ANYONE in America respect President Bush anymore? Uhm, I don't think so.... LOL. With his Nixon-like approval ratings so low, I have to assume most of us are fed up with him at least. Never mind his denial of Kansas' lack of resources to clean up Greensburg because of the war in Iraq and securing the southern border. I hope his visit today wakes him up and reminds him of the cost of war on the home front. This is no World War II. We're not going to be willing to send all of our men and boys off to war and send all of our girls and women to work to pay for his war. I for one will refuse. I'll keep making my bracelets, and if he wants to pay me to make them for our troops, THEN I will! :P
By the way, I finished the roommate's bracelet this weekend, I'll have some pictures up soon (I'll post them the same time I post the pics of my best friend's bracelet that I'm working on now). I'm a busy little girl now it seems, I am trading a bracelet for cat litter for a neighbor of mine. Perhaps I should sell them for $5 or $10. But who else is going to want one? I think it's a polite fluke. I don't know though.

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