Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Few Thoughts

You know all this hoopla about the British Queen's visit is quite... Royally hilarious! A nation who we once hated so much that we would've killed any royalty who stepped on our soil less than 250 years ago is now one of our favorite social infatuations. It's quite humorous in historical context, I'm sure my Australian friends will agree as our history and theirs are quite similar. Even two hundred years ago we still weren't very comfortable with the motherland to say the least. Now they're our strongest ally and provide us some of the best music (especially if you're a Beatles fan). But the Queen must be the only person in the world who requires her hosts to adapt to her traditions. When we visit other countries, we adapt to their customs during our visit. When other dignitaries visit us, they take in our customs (for the most part). Yet the Queen gets whatever she wants whenever she wants it. Sounds kinda... Spoiled, doesn't it? You all know what would happen if we demanded ANYTHING of our parents - talk about a stern rebuke! Most of us would be told to 'do it ourselves' at least!
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the Queen came. She was a major tourist attraction while she was here. She probably boosted the economies of the areas she visited a good deal without spending a dime herself. She also reminded us why we're Americans. We take pride in our independence and our freedoms.
On another note, when does this melamine scare end? First it was cat and dog food contaminated with wheat glutens. Then corn was added to the list. Then rice and soy. Then they found the contaminants in pig feed. And then it was chicken feed. NOW it's in fish food too! Luckily not the fish food me and you would buy for our fish - so far. But it has been found in food fed to fish in 'fish farms' that later make it to our stores as human food. I've said this since it came out - I'll stick to Purina right now. I haven't seen any of their dry food on the recall list and I think the same can be said for their canned food. I know other Proctor and Gamble products are under recall - I just know my Purina is safe, and for that I am thankful. The rest, we'll deal with. And perhaps we'll quit importing what we can make here! I'll pay a little more - and I'm sure most other people will too - to know that our pets' food - and ours - is safe.

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Jeannine said...

I never thought about it before, but you're right--our country always adapts to the other country's customs but the queen brings her traditions with her wherever she goes.

Do you remember years ago when she was visiting the projects in some city and that woman grabbed her and hugged her?