Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell is DEAD!

I knew I couldn't stand this guy, but this article should prove why. Such ignorance and intolerance cannot exist in American society and we as a nation continue to exist. Our personal opinions do not give us the right to spew hatred that will cause other human beings pain. No human being deserves to be assaulted or otherwise abused just because of a life decision or something totally beyond their control like what race they happen to be. Hopefully, IF he made it to Heaven, God will sit his @** down and straighten him out! The greatest gift is LOVE, even those who are different from us, and our enemies.


Christopher said...

Assiduous homophobe, certified non-religious whacko, ubiquitous bigot, fanatical liar, morbidly obese, authoritarian, blathering idiot, amoral, hedonistic, manipulative, prejudiced, and egotistical. Was one of the leading terrorists trying to undermine the secular nature of the U. S. legal system by conspiring with the bush administration, and putting no less than 150 of his highly unqualified ‘law school’ graduates (religious zealots) into key positions in the U. S. government. Earth is much better off now that he has expired. Kind of seems unique that he has of late been spouting his excrement about ‘The End Of Days being very near!’ Perhaps he had a revelation, because he certainly is at The End Of His Days. Hallelujah!

Lynx217 said...

I am not celebrating one's death. I'm not that way. However, we all need to see past his hypocrisy and also keep in mind others like him will continue to preach his message of intolerance.