Monday, May 14, 2007


Ok here's my ramblings.
Why are those two border patrol agents in prison? They were doing their job! Can someone please explain to me how you can be imprisoned by the government for doing the job they hired and paid you to do? That'd be like undercover police officers on drug stings getting thrown in prison on drug charges.
Why do so many evangelicals fear Mormons so much? Have we as a society become so PC (politcally correct) that anyone different than us is evil? I have known many people of different faiths, and my ex-boyfriend's best friend and his family are Mormons. They are some of the kindest, gentlest, honest, hard-working people I've ever met (never mind they're legal Mexican immigrants... and we all know my stance... or will in a second). Can we not take people at face value for who they are and instead judge them based on our pre-conceived notions of their religion or some other reason?
Why are we so divided on border security? God forbid we snuck into Mexico. We'd stick out like a sore thumb so bad we'd be arrested instantly, thrown in prison, and left to die. This situation needs to be resolved. We need to have a high-tech fence, so as not to destroy the beauty of the environment (hopefully we have a way of not hurting crossing animals). We need a border patrol with the authority to send illegals back and arrest those committing crimes. We need to make English the official language - everyone else who emigrated here learned English to survive, even if they spoke their native language at home. We need to expedite the legal immigrant proceedings to help deter those who want to come legally but can't wait any longer. And we need, most importantly, to pressure the Mexican government to take responsibility for their country and citizens.
How can so many people stand by and watch a young man beat the **** out of a 91 year old WW2 vet? I'm a small woman, but God forbid I was around, I'd be neck-beating, balls-kicking, and if all else failed, eye-assaulting the assailant. It's not that the guy was a WW2 vet, that's just the icing on the cake. We young Americans need to protect those who can't protect themselves - the elderly and the young (and guys, we expect you to put especially us small women in that category if we're getting our butts beat by a bohemouth of a person). But that being said, I myself cannot stand by and watch someone get beaten up. Maybe it's because I was when I was young. I was the target of so much bullying it's sad. I won't take it anymore.
What's up with the recent backlash against "shock jocks" and why are commentators like Hannity, Colmes, Limbaugh and (Glenn) Beck being watched like the shock jocks? Imus said much worse stuff before and didn't get fired. Now he's suing and will probably join Howard Stern on satellite. Much as I can't stand all of the commentators I mentioned (except Mr. Beck who tends to wear on me half the time but the other half I'm with him), they aren't shock jocks. They're just commenting on society and issues as they see them. Glenn said it right tonight on his TV show. If you don't like what's on the radio, TURN IT OFF! Radio, like TV, and other businesses, are in it for the money. And if the money isn't there, they're gone! They make money off of listeners / viewers. So turn it off, and eventually the show will be gone!
Last question:
What was I originally going to talk about? LOL! I forgot while I was eating a few minutes ago thinking about this post!!! I can't wait to see all the comments I get on this one...

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