Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The TRUE Reasons we were attacked on 9/11/01

If you've even seen news snippets of the GOP debate yesterday, I'm sure you've seen the "showdown" between the unknown congressman and former mayor of NYC about why we were attacked nearly 6 years ago. It was ensued that it was our involvement in Iraq that made them attack us. Let's see, yes we stopped Saddam in 1991 but we pulled out. The no-fly zone didn't come until later in the 90s if I remember right. Even then, we weren't in Iraq until after 9/11. You want the real reasons? I'll give them to ya.
1. We're too free.
2. We treat our women better.
3. We're richer.
4. We're happier.
5. We have more prestige and clout.
6. (Summarizing 1-5) They hate us because they're jealous!
7. We have a military presence in the middle east, especially in Saudi Arabia (they conveniently ignore the fact our presence was REQUESTED by the Saudis).
8. They hate us because we're not a radical islamic state.

So, what are we to do? Will leaving Iraq help? Nope. I'm more and more convinced we're in a catch 22. If we leave, they will see it as a win and take down what 'government' exists in Iraq. Yet if we stay, we will lose more and more soldiers, may invite another attack on home soil, and lets admit it, get stuck for years to come. We have to do something. It's time we make the Iraqis be responsible for their future so we're not.


Jeannine said...

I'll bite. :-) I think we were attacked because we are allies with Israel through thick and thin. Oil could be bought more cheaply than the cost of this war. I think we should pull out and let Israel fight their own battles. We have enough to do in this country with illegals swarming our borders.

Are we still friends? ;-)

DJ Jazzy Linefeed said...

Your statements smack of imperial hubris and couldn't be farther from the truth. You want to believe we were attacked for being the coolest kids on the block. Well, we are, but we weren't attacked for it. We know now that we were attacked for our foreign policy, esp. Israels oppression of Palestine and our support of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which are both twice as bad as Saddam ever was - they just happen to give us what we want. Don't fall into the hubris trap, please.