Monday, May 7, 2007

Meeting New People

I've recently decided it was time for me to branch out of my little world online and see what else is out there... I've GOT to socialize somehow! I'm so anti-social IRL it's not funny, I'm the most shy person in the room unless I know you. Yet once you know me for a while, this seems to be forgotten as I've had more than one friend playfully call me a liar when I say I'm shy as ****. Geez! lol... Anyways, I found this really cool blog yesterday or the day before (sorry dear I already lost track of the days) and I just laughed my rear off reading about her kids, wishing I had some of my own, then reading the next post and being thankful it was her and not me! So after a few swapped comments and a few emails, much to my pleasure I found out she's nearby! FINALLY I meet someone in PA, even IF it's only online. I've felt like such a stranger in a strange land sometimes. I've never seen worse drivers - heck I've never had to dodge so many collisions and people not watching where they're going! I'm a small town Kansas kid fer pete's sake! And then I read the paper and more people died over in Philly and I suddenly realize Cincinnati was safer than I ever knew it was!!! I miss Ohio somehow, it was a good place to get my head straight and for this little midwest country kid to get "citi-fied" LOL. I ain't gonna claim any "street cred" but I will claim to be a lot more cautious! I gotta say though, this little small town is nice. The people are incredibly nice once they get out of their cars. The food is TO DIE FOR, especially the italian food (and I'm supposed to be German and Norwegian, if we are what we eat, I'm 100% Italian I think). I hear the food's even better in Jersey but I'm not sure I want to see that. Then again I don't want to venture into Maryland to see the shore. Maybe I convince the boyfriend to go the Delaware route. I just know I want to avoid Maryland at all costs. And I don't want to leave this town!!! It's too beautiful! Tho I may have to move a little further away from this blasted m*****f***** creek!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha, well at least I haven't floated away yet in the just more than a year I've been here. And after the tornados back home in Kansas, I'm so glad I'm not there! Go figure, the last bad outbreak back home is the last one I endured... I don't think I'll be moving back anytime soon.

I called my cousin's wife over the weekend to make sure she was safe from the storms, and unfortunately her little girl has pneumonia again. But as a young preemie under age 2, it's expected. Big sister had the same problem. I just can't wait to get back to see them again. My cousin is more like my older brother and his wife is one of the few friends of his from our school days that didn't mind little sis hanging around a bit! I'm an only child! What else was I supposed to do! Needless to say, I don't think there's another woman out there better for my cuz/bro. And the girls are just INCREDIBLY gorgeous.... well here, here's the proof!

That's little Emalee on the left with big sister Gina taken a few months ago. You know somehow in their little kiddy language Emalee must've told one heck of a joke! But that's the girls. Go figure, for a family so dominated by boys (of us known 7 grandkids, 5 of us grew up together, and only 2 of us are girls and I'm the oldest girl yet I'm almost the youngest grandkid - figures), my beloved cuz would have the two most gorgeous kids I ever laid eyes on! They have come so far from being such preemies to being near normal healthy little kids! I can't wait to see them grow up into the monster hearbreakers they're bound to be! The boys better watch out!
Alright there's my rant, rave, and jubilees for today. :) enjoy folks!


Jeannine said...

I'm glad I met you too. :-)

My favorite New Jersey beach is Ocean City. I also like Ocean City, MD, but haven't been there in years.

The reason the food is good in New Jersey is because of the large Italian population. The cannolis are to die for. :-)

The girls are sooo cute! I'm from a male-dominated family too. I only had brothers, and on one side of the family I was the only girl out of ten grandchildren. And of course, of my six children--five are boys. Am I surprised??? :-)

I'll try to add you to my blogroll tomorrow (in my sidebar).

Terena said...

I'm blushing now cause of all the nice things you said bout me :) I agree my girls are gorgeous but I'm a little bias lol. Gina got pneumonia too but only had a cough. She is fine now. I have more recent pics on my online album.