Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cats' New Favorite Toy

I stopped by the thrift store and found some of them wire pipe cleaners we all played with when we were kids in the free bin, so I snatched em knowing they'd be a hit with the cats, who just love twisties. So I brought them home, and put the 4 pink ones together (since its a bright color likely to be seen by cats). Boy it got good, I couldn't even finish putting them together before both the boys wanted it... They shared for a while - until Curzon thought it was a snake trying to bite him!

Inspection duty

Attacking the "snake" "head" LOL

The two-pawed attack!

Nimbus making a second attempt at getting some of the fun

5 minutes of fun... 2 hours of sleep needed to rest off the excitement!! (But I'm not letting them get away that easy!!

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Jeannine said...

It's too bad you didn't make a video of them. :-)