Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Cat Toy Part 2 - Jadzia's turn

I had given Jadzia a single yellow one all to herself, which she played with longer than the boys did their long one. But eventually Curzon got curious and was going to snatch Jazzy's away from her if I'd let him, so I took it instead and showed Jaz the long one which she promptly followed across the apartment....

It's MINE!!! All mine!!! No Curzon to steal it, no Nimbus to smack off of it. MINE!!!!!

Brotherly supervision

He moved, but it's STILL mine. But I'm watching him. He can't hide on the other side of the fridge!

I've beaten it up, bit it, thrown it, dragged it, now I need to rest. But it's still MINE.

Mommy made us share. As long as he stays over THERE I guess I can share. FOR NOW.

A rare picture of the whole clan, Jadzia, Curzon, and Nimbus. Go figure, they youngest cat is the biggest. But hopefully soon I'll have him a couple pounds lighter. I'm sure they're discussing WHO owns the toy! LOL

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Walter parker said...

You are lucky to get all three in the one shot. Nimbus is an interesting colour.