Saturday, June 9, 2007

Compliments and Bank Update (and a rant)

First of all, got the crap figured out with the bank, Wawa decided to wait a week to process a holiday weekend transaction... geezzzzzz. Gave up on getting the cradle for my Toshiba e800 pda. I'm not paying 100 bucks for one... I'm not going to continue having orders cancelled either. 4 times is 4 TOO many. So if perchance anyone knows someone who has one, I don't need any of the cables other than the one attached to it, please let me know. I'm willing to pay 50 for it but not for long, the $$ will be gone soon.
Now to the compliment. To my dear friend Walter... (and for those of you who don't read his blog, follow my links to at least see what I'm talking about, and I think you'll read his from now on, he's GOOD :)...)
First about sports... Yes we all have our gutter teams as I call them. I have a way of finding my way to them. But the question is: why do we like them? Is it the desire to cheer on the underdog? Do we see potential no one else sees? Or are we just 'toopid'? I'd hope that it's that we see potential. So my dear friend, hold out, and take a line from the Bengals fans, "There's always NEXT year!"
And about our writing styles, I still say yours is better, as much as it is about experience as much as anything else. You stick to your guns and write what YOU want to write. For many years I tried to please the crowd. You've reminded me that the best writing is when it's something that you want to write about or care deeply about. But you're also right on the "use it or lose it." Whether it be writing, speaking a foreign language, or even sleeping it seems, the more you practice, the more you excel, and the more you procrastinate, the worse it gets. That's why when you don't sleep for a while it's suddenly hard to fall asleep even though you're exhausted. Same thing when you learn a language then never at least listen to it. I once was learning Spanish, but I rebelled, as I'm tired of being told to speak the Mexicans' language since they're here in droves. But I'm thinking of becoming a closet Spanish-speaker. That way I know what they're saying when they're whispering but they have no idea. Until they say something offensive. Or maybe I should learn German and when they start ranting, rant back in German! Ok I'm just mean. But thus begins my rantings...
First of all, while I'm talking about language, to all you immigrants, especially Latin-Americans, LEARN ENGLISH. For hundreds of years now, everyone that migrated here learned English because it's the international language of business (especially now) and it's critical for long-term success in this country. It is absolutely disgraceful that you think that you can come into this country and we will speak your language for you. If I go more than 20miles into your country, you wouldn't speak English for us. Show some respect. We don't mind if you keep your language at home, and having bilingual children has been shown to be a bonus for them. But at work, at the bar, or at the store, please don't expect us to switch languages just for you. And go through the legal channels too. Our country is a land of LEGAL immigrants. Yes it takes time. But it shows you're devoted to your cause and are willing to go through hoops to become a part of our society.
Secondly, THANK GOD PARIS HILTON IS BACK IN PRISON. I'm tired of hearing the BS that no one else would've gotten jail time for her crimes. Most people get thrown in jail for DUI even if it's just for a couple weeks on first offense. She didn't do it just once, she got caught again and again driving when she wasn't supposed to be. She got off lightly. I think it's fair to assume if me or you did such a thing, we'd spent months behind bars. Maybe California laws are lax, but it doesn't matter. It's obvious she's getting special treatment. And what's up with this "mental condition" crap? A lot of people have breakdowns when they first go to jail, but do they end up in the medical wing for the duration of their sentence? Not often! Come on Paris, toughen up you pampered little *****. Grow up. Pay your dues. And don't make your stupid idiotic mistakes twice.
Ok now I best shut up before I really blow some steam because next target is my ranting on Iraq and I think everyone's tired of that one.


Walter parker said...

Hi Lynx,
No need to apologize for the original short reply. I thought it was sufficient and more than adequate, and it got a laugh out of me. I am thankful for every reply no matter how short, from anyone.

As to your comment, "I tend to be able to write best only when I don't TRY to". I think that that amplifies my point about writing/talking/whatever about the things that you know or excite you the most. It is really only when we are passionate about something that we put our all into it. That' is why I don't try and write about everything I see, but only on those that interest/excites me.

Anyway Lynx thanks again for the king words but don't give up writing just because you think others are better. Many people have logged on to your blog sight and keep coming back, so you must be doing something right, Hey?
Walter Parker

Walter parker said...

Lynx I do agree with you about hanging in there but!!!The Tigers lost again today, leaving us with one draw and 9 losses. I started following them in their glory days, through friends who were mad keen on them. Later when they unfairly,in my opinion, sacked their coach, I went off them and followed the coach to his next team. When he moved on from there I lost interest for many years to come. it was only after our return from South Africa that I went back to supporting them, because where I worked it was almost mandatory to follow some team. So I went back to the tigers who were then either on the bottom or one step from it, so that no one can accuse me of hopping on a winning team's bandwagon.

Walter parker said...

As to secretly learning a second language and using it against them, I have the following story. My son (Actually all 3 Kids)went to a school in South Africa which taught in both English and Afrikaans, so they had to learn Afrikaans as a second language. However, as there were few who spoke it out of school he/they never properly learnt it. Because they had to learn Afrikaans we never forced them to learn the majority language there which is Xhosa. However as he hung around with Xhosa kids after school and later while at University he roomed with two of them for 3 years so he learnt a lot by osmosis, and so while he never spoke it, he understood most of what was said around him. Often to the discomfit of his mates friends who would say things about him in their language expecting him not to understand only to see him laughing at their comments.