Sunday, June 10, 2007

A thought...

There should be a revamping of our calendar. No, not a major one. All I'm saying is that Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and Father's Day shouldn't be so close. I know I'm by far not the only person out here that has lost the one parent they ever had. But having the holidays so close is a double-dose of pain I'd rather split into more managable sections. Put Mom's in March, Dad's at the end of September. And, PLEASE... Get corporations out of them. Its family time. But just like Christmas, it's become so much of a corporate spectacle that it's really deteriorated from the family day it was meant to be. I also think though there should be a day we celebrate all those single mothers out there who endured the battles of raising kids on their own. Special treatment to those whose kids stayed out of trouble would be called for of course. I'm not talking about making it cool to be a single parent. I'm talking about saying thanks for keeping going when they could've easily given up, put us up for adoption, and gone back to a normal single lifestyle.
So there's my thought for the day and I hope that somehow, this next week I manage to not anger anyone as I got the feeling I'm going to end up blogging about something controversial.

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Walter parker said...

What are you trying to do Lynx? become an Aussie? September is when we celebrate Father's day.

It seems that everyone celebrates Mother's day at the same time but not Father's day. One year I managed three father's days. The first was during our brief stay in England during the first half of June and then the second, a week later when we returned to South Africa we had theirs and then later in September, our oldest then back in Oz helped me celebrate it again. The only thing is that although I celebrated it 3 times I only got the one present.