Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Success, sweet success

I actually got my PDA to do something I told it to do... once I researched HOW to set it up. I downloaded imov messenger so I can have my yahoo and google talk going and see what I've been chatting about (the only reliable way to do this with yahoo is to use the 'net and you don't see chat history). So once I looked at the program's online user manual I got the info I needed to set up imov to work right, and now I don't need a separate Jabber account to use it, as Google Talk is jabber compliant. Woohoo! So MaryAnn, Jeannine, and all my other yahoo and google peeps.. I'M ALIVE! lol.
Still no idea where that bag is... *grunt*
But I got a LOT done yesterday. Broke down and cleaned HIS side of the bed which was a royal mess, but it needed to be done. However, the roommate came home right in the middle of me moving things to vaccum that area so he had to deal with noisy me for a few minutes. My back still hurts a little as the bf's old win98 crapaq or whatever it is sits over there and that hard drive is HEAVY. Well for 95lb me it is. But I got the area vaccumed out and cleaned out for the most part, still got one corner but I need him with me to do that... and I haven't ventured to do the underside as I'm afraid of getting stuck. I'm getting fatter and last time I got under the bed I was 20lb skinnier LOL. So who's to say if I can even get under there yet. I also got my side cleaned up a bit as I found a nice fairly sturdy plastic table yesterday that fit over there nicely, now my table is a wee more stable for all my craft stuff, boxed clothing, and junk lol. I put in nearly 8 hours yesterday to say the least between the housework and the errand... I started around 11 or so and didn't fully finish until 6ish... a good few hours of that nonstop. Too bad it doesn't pay LOL.
On the job front, got a lead on a job I can handle. I'll keep ya'll posted. We'll see. I'm secure enough where I refuse to settle for whatever I can get. I want something I can live with.
Anyways, off I go for now... I'm exhausted! lol

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