Monday, June 4, 2007

Whew!! (and news)

Well I finally got my ebooks sorted, got their info edited for mobipocket at least. I still haven't typed in the new titles to the list yet, but I'm getting there! I was able to sift down my collection of new books from 101 down to 39, how, I don't know. But I'll figure that out later!! All I know is that all my #'s add up, so I know I'm right. I now have 419 ebooks. Now I just gotta git crackin and start reading!! LOL
In today's news, Wichita Zoo was finally reunited with their missing Macaws!! I think I blogged about this when they disappeared - er stolen. I guess they don't know who took them yet, but it's not like they flew away. Yeah right.
The rain from what once was T. S. Barry proved to be a nice reprieve from the heat! I'm sure GA and FL are much more happy about it as I am as now their wildfires are under control. But the 90s were getting annoying and the fresh air and 70s today felt nice!! If only I'd taken time to enjoy it!
Another congressman, another set of bribery allegations... when will this end? Wait, we're talking politics, so that probably means it won't. Ayeee. No wonder my Mom was so pessimistic. But when you grow up in the Nixon era, I can see how.
Has another terrorist gotten off with murder? I'm not sure, as it's hard to say what evidence the US Government has on him and how reliable it is, but I worry about people getting off just on account of a seemingly minor technicality. I worry about stuff like that, I know, I shouldn't, but I do. I just can't help it.
But on brighter news, this news shows even drug dealers are patriots! According to the FBI, a drug dealer is the informant behind the busted JFK Airport fuel depot attack plot. I guess sometimes it takes a criminal to bust even bigger criminals! Oh this one makes me very happy... maybe a little TOO happy? *grunt* Take THAT Osama!!!!!!
There has been a lot on the news lately about these "new" sneakers out that have wheels in the heels. Puh-lease, I've seen them around for some time! Ain't nothing new about the stupidity these kids seem to have about their "invincibility." I just want to know though how the heck they don't fall on their rears from not being able to balance!!! Well, I think it's safe to say our next generation is going to feel even older than mine does because they've beaten themselves - and especially their back - up way too much.
Anyways, more later...

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