Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A time for CHANGE

It's time for change. We really need to clamp down on all the people in this country illegally. It's obvious when they are starting to get more rights than US citizens. In NY, a judge just ruled that the cops can no longer ask day laborers in a small town about their legal status. Now they have a church to call their own during the day where they wait for less-than-reputable construction crews to pick them up. Everyone seems to forget the fact that a lot of these people are not only illegal, they are convicts of much more serious crimes. I want to know if there's a sex offender hanging out somewhere where you expect to be safe. It's already been proven that at least sometimes will attack anywhere. There is a recent case of a woman being sexually assaulted in a Catholic church, the attack being caught on security cameras.
You know it should be that if you're here illegally, you're not entitled to our legal protections except for the most basic of human rights. It should be a case of "we'll deliver your baby but you must pay for it and you must go back home" and "you may apply for seasonal work, but after you're done you must go back home" not come work and stay as long as you want!! If I was pregnant and went into labor ANYWHERE else, I'd be expected to pay the bill! And many countries do not give citizenshiship status to a baby just because he or she was born in their country. But amnesty isn't the way to do it. We have laws on the book now. The reason our system is so broken is because no one will enforce the laws we have and will prosecute the people who actually DO enforce them!

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