Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A troubling thought

I hate to admit it but the terrorists may have won a battle they didn't intend to even fight. Now before you all jump my ****, I know I'm not the only one that feels like this. Every time I see someone that looks like they're from the Middle East, I worry that they're a terrorist. No I don't go out and openly accuse them of anything, I just won't talk to them unless I absolutely have to. I got caught in my own shoes though when I thought a neighbor was and he's not even from that area, he's actually from Africa, going through the legal channels here working on becoming a citizen. He is a very kind guy, always came off that way. But after a talk outside, I realized he's just a guy trying to give his family a better life here in the US. Sadly I think he loves this country more than a lot of us Americans do. Maybe it's because he knows how bad it can be elsewhere.
How many others of us have jumped to conclusions before "reading the entire book" so to speak? Even worse, how many of us do not truly appreciate all we have because we've not experienced how bad it can be? I think a lot of marriages die that way because one or both parties don't realize how lucky they are because they've never experienced how bad it can be, so any little problem that comes by is a potential marriage killer.
So the question for today is what are we as individuals going to do about it? Do we stubbornly stick to our guns on the small stuff? Or do we negotiate with our partner to resolve our little disagreements, sometimes compromising, and allowing our relationship grow.

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Walter parker said...

While terrorists can do a lot of damage in a few spots, their biggest win is as you say, in affecting our mind set. If we let them dominate our minds with fear, then they win, albeit in a small way. So with out being foolhardy, we have to continue to live our lives as best we can like we have always done.

We have met and worked with a lot of people of different nationalities and skin colour. Whilst there are always one or two bad people among them, there are also many bad white people too. A man in Melbourne yesterday shot dead one man and injured another when they tried to help a women he was attacking. They were all white Australians. There is good and bad in every country and people. It is only as you get to know them that you find out their true colours.

Don't give up on your new insight Lynx. There are many, many other lovely people like your new African friend out there, just looking for someone to accept them as they are.

While we were never unaprieciative of being Australian and living in the so called, " Lucky country", we had to leave it and live elsewhere to truly appreciate just how much of a "Lucky Country" Australia really is. Sometimes people need to step outside of their "Normality" to see the true reality around them. Well enough preaching for today.W