Sunday, June 17, 2007


A Danish friend of mine asked me which one of my cats was in my avatar pic on messenger and it's this shot of my female cat Jadzia. I almost "threw out" the pic (it's digital lol) because I'd chopped off a good section of her head in the shot. But when I published it on a page for PDA themes, it quickly became my most popular theme. So here's today's reminder/thought: one person's trash is another's treasure, so unless it's in shambles, don't throw it away, donate it!

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Walter parker said...

Sometimes we are our own toughest judge when it comes to our own efforts, and we need to seek the advice of others to do it for us.

You are right too about what is trash to one person is a treasure to others. We have recently had a hard Rubbish Collection here , where people put stuff no longer wanted, out on the footpath twice a year to be collected by the local Municipality. However about half of it "disapears" long before the rubbish truck gets here. Some of it even ends up in my garden.
Another good blog in my opinion Lynx