Monday, June 18, 2007

Words that should be hurtful that are just funny

Have you ever been insulted by someone who, when they insulted you, was so rediculous it was hilarious and you couldn't even be mad? Well that's what happened to me today. I received a membership application on an old page I am tearing down and I was called an inbred! Normally I'd be p*d, but considering the IQ of this person and our recent history, all I could do is laugh. It brings me back to a trick a friend of mine used in our school days. No matter what the bullies called him, he just said 'thank you'... it sure took away their ammunition, as they couldn't insult him! It's like Glenn Beck says, words only hurt if you let them. It's just hard sometimes to not let them.

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Walter parker said...

You friend is right. Giving them an unexpected response really throws them. They think they are in control and can manipulate you into getting angry, but if you ignore them or deflate their attacks, they are at a loss at how to re-act and it is they and not you who comes across as the stupid one. Good on you Lynx.

Words can hurt very much, but I only let the true ones hurt me. If what people say is true, then I need to take notice and change if possible or just accept where I can't. But when people are talking rubbish I either take no notice of them or if I think I know what they are going to say, I say it first in a humouress way and take the sting out of it. Again when you respond in an unexpected way, they loose control of the situation and quickly loose interest. But as long as they thing they are in control they will keep going.catch you later.W