Monday, July 30, 2007

Ebook Packrat Woes

Oh the woes of an ebook packrat..... LOL
As I was looking through my folder full of new ebooks that I haven't sorted out yet, I realized I had more than a couple handfulls, so I checked. I got way more, like 60+ new ebooks to sort out LOL. Never mind I still haven't figured out how to have a database program on my PDA yet, except for going through the hassle of listing each individual file path, which would take way longer than even Mobipocket takes to load my ebooks up lol. So that really isn't feasable. I've also toyed with making shortcuts and renaming the shortcuts to the title and author, like mp3's, but that'd be a hassle too, as many have long names. So what am I going to do?
Perhaps I should break my mountain down into smaller hills. First of all, take care of the list of ebooks whose file names don't even resemble a title so I know which one it is by looking at it. Then, I can tackle the new ebook list and get them integrated into my catalog. After that, I can go back to figuring out what to do for a solution to my linking problem... ayeee... this has been puzzling my head for months now. I wish the guy that wrote BookLib would get back to working on his program. The only program that I've found that comes close is only for MS Reader ebooks which are a lot bigger and more prone to defects (esp in Reader itself) and/or bugs.
So for now I am stuck with my only viable solution: Just open MobiPocket first and wait for it to open before deciding which ebook I want to read. It's the best I can do for now.
Off I go to rest my bum for a few from sitting here, then come back, get my draft folder ready for more joke emails to my google group, and then off to the housework. No daily errand for me today, it was taken care of already ;-).

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