Saturday, July 28, 2007


Hello from hot and humid Pennsylvania. It's well into the dinner hours
and it seems that it's still well into the 80s, but luckily I am smart
enough to sit in the shade! I could be inside... But that wouldn't be
as fun! (And it gives me the chance to blow all this cat hair off of
my PDA's IR keyboard without it just reattaching itself later.) I am
happy to announce one of our most prolific readers is back from
another vacation - Welcome back Walter!! Maybe now I'll have some
ideas to help me blog as no one else has been very helpful (hint
hint!! lol) on that front.
Let's see, what's new around here...
I tried to cut back on my (caffeine-free) Pepsi, to no luck. I went a
couple days without, but upon attaining more of this dark beverage, I
immediately indulged in more than my normal dosage of it. In layman's
terms, I went on a Pepsi Binge!
I discovered that V8 helps me get home from my daily walks in less
pain. I guess the Vitamin C in the drink goes straight to my muscles,
decreasing the pain I shall eventually feel. Plus like the taste,
ironic because growing up it was WAY too spicy for me, but now plain
old tomato juice won't cut it!
Now that I have my wifi card replacement, you'd think I'd be all
up-to-date on the news, but you'd be wrong. I haven't had one
sleepless night since before I got it. It's not that I'm finally
relaxed, it's that I've done way too much housework this week,
especially laundry!
I've done more laundry in this last week than I do in almost a month
normally. And I still have more to do. But we're up on the work
clothes, and all my shorts are clean. Even some of my sweaters are
clean! Sometimes the AC is just a little bit too much for me and I get
I've managed to keep myself out of two arguments that people were
attempting to draw me into, and one kinda sorta involved me. But that
one I was able to resolve and fix, keeping it from growing into a
bigger argument and the other one I just blew off.
I'm still trying to find that dream work-from-home computer job
that'll pay me well, but with no luck. And with my thumb needing a
rest from my projects, even IF someone wanted one, I'd have to put the
deadline back a couple days. I still don't know what is causing me to
get this pain under that thumb nail like I've got a needle in there.
It seems to be triggered by me doing too much work on a project,
especially the canvas work.
The storm last night was a dousie, a very loud one at that. Not
exactly a good storm for a storm wuss like me to have to go through. I
tried to get Curzon to sit with me outside for the pre-storm winds and
sounds, but he was just freaking out way too much, more than normal.
So I let the boy go in and hide under the bed where he feels safe.
I'm half tempted to take the two blankets I got when I flew back to
Kansas the first time and put them under the desk for a Jadzia bed, as
she seems to be loving that spot lately. I'm not using them for
anything else, as they have gotten too much cat hair on them already
and probably could use some laundered care, but I'm not putting
ANYTHING in with them, and I'm not spending the $$ to wash them yet.
So why not let the cats get them a little more furry in the interim?
I am also very tempted to take a day or two off from the net to just
relax but I know how often I succeed at that - very rarely. And with
all the jokes I get in email daily nowadays, I'd have a lot to catch
up on! But I have to say my taking a long break from IRC (chat) has
done me well. I've dropped in on occasion but haven't stuck around for
more than a few minutes as I've found it to be quite immature in the
midst of so much stuff going on in the world that needs our attention
more. I guess it's partially the after-effects of the 2001 terrorist
attacks. I have progressively been more turned off by run-of-the-mill
chat and have begun trying to figure out what the best strategies
would be to get us through some of our current global issues.
I'll write more later.

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