Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Few Thoughts on Iraq and US Politics

Been reading up on my blogs - got a couple new ones on my pda that I haven't brought over from my 2am blog surfing. If the results of my surfing are any indication, anyone still happy with President Bush is cowering in a corner hiding from the world. Even the conservative pages are grumbling about the situation in Iraq and the situation we are now in on immigration because neither side could get over their political alliances and start thinking of REAL solutions. Let the latinos build up the fence from their side... and don't build a gate! Or put up an electrical fence reinforced with barbed wire. Something. And while we're all focused on Mexico, what do we do about Canada's border? That's where trouble's going to come in, because the blatant lack of any security is so well-known, to us AND the terrorists. Maybe quicksand would be sufficient for a border? ;-) Just kidding.
We HAVE to do something. And right now we're not doing anything. And now Cindy Sheehan wants Rep. Pelosi to start impeachment proceedings on Bush and VP Cheney. Well, I can understand why. But it is way too painful a proceeding on the country and too late into a presidency. It would never make it through in the next year and a half. Let history write Bush's demise. Bush 43 will go down in history as one of the worst presidents in history and a disgrace to his father's presidency. I'd take 4 more years of his father over one more term of ANY of Bush 41's sons. I think he's smarter, and would strategically either fix this situation in Iraq or get us out. He was smart enough to let our soldiers fight the way that they knew best and give them what they need. When politics dictate war strategy, war is disaster.
When the military dictates war strategy, it's OVER!! But in all fairness, this is one war where it's extremely difficult to know who's enemy and who's not. They don't wear uniforms, they don't carry a flag, they blend in quite well. They're also much too cowardly to take us on head-on cause they know that we'll kill every last one of them! But we have to find a solution. We MUST redeploy our soldiers in the Iraq theater into Afghanistan. We have to fix what we let deteriorate. We need at least ONE stable government out there. President Bush also needs to come clean and admit his mistakes in guiding the war in Iraq. Saying he was wrong to go in isn't necessary, it's a mute point. His handling of it was near criminal. He obviously forgot Vietnam. He obviously didn't listen to his father. His father for sure would've told him to let his generals make the calls on how to fight the war and make sure they didn't come back later.
One of the worst things about the war in Iraq is we kept the world out of the reconstruction and stabilization. If we TRULY had a multinational force in there, it wouldn't be so bad. But right now, the majority of soldiers still there all speak one dialect or another of English (whether Australian, British, or American). If our forces were more ethnically similar to the area it wouldn't be so bad. Oh we'd still be fighting Al-Qaida, don't get me wrong. But we'd have more support of the Iraqi people.
The other thing that makes Iraq so disasterous is our lack of basic service reconstruction. A people who's lives under a dictator were better than under freedom will quickly yearn for the old days. Imagine if you only had power for a couple hours a day, if you're lucky. You'd become disgruntled quite quickly! I'm not saying ANYTHING good about Saddam, please don't think I am. All I'm saying is we need to secure the oil fields, electrical sub-stations, and water supply. People need their food, water, and electricity or otherwise the lure of the terrorists and insurgents will be hard to pass on.
Ok now that I've thoroughly p****d off the conservatives, I think I'll take a break and start forming my railing of the liberals.

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Jeannine said...

I'm a conservative and I detest Bush. He's done more to harm our country than any president in history, as far as I'm concerned.