Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Railing the Left

Why am I so against the "fairness doctrine"? It's not that I'm against free speech, just the opposite. This is a free-market economy. What we get is what we demand. When we stifle it by taking time from one side to speak to another, we are taking away the people's choice. I'm not talking about news coverage - that should be unbiased. I'm talking about talk radio and tv. As much as I HATE Rush Limbaugh and Hannity & Colmes both, they each have their own perspectives, and their own listeners. The government should NEVER tell us citizens what we can talk about and how often. If you want to hear the extreme left, you got Sean Hannity. If you want the extreme right, you've got Rush Limbaugh. If you want something in the middle, you've got that too. It's not the government's responsibility that we are informed citizens, it is YOUR individual responsibility.
Here's the real story behind it. The democrats responsible for the immigration bill are furious that talk radio helped motivate the citizens to evaluate the legislation and swamp our congresspeople to vote against it. So they want to silence the media, which is exactly what will happen as the media cannot and will not put people on the air who are not economically feasable. If this was an unbiased move, the Republicans would be doing the same thing with as much railing as has been done on President Bush. But this one time, the Republicans seem to understand that this is one thing the government needs to stay OUT of (very surprisingly).
I know I'm bound to take a LOT of heat for this. Bring it on. I don't want the government telling me what I can and cannot talk about, because if they start with talk radio and tv, the internet community will be next, because everyone knows how influential it is. Heck, they're already trying to tax the 'net! I will talk about what I want to, WHEN I want to. The more the government gets involved, the less American we become, and the more socialist we become.
So where do you stand?

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Walter parker said...

Hi Lynx, As to where I stand? Politically, probably more towards the opposite camp to you, but on this subject, I am right beside you. I truly believe that it is only as a thing is discussed from all angles that a true picture is seen, and only then can a true and unbiased response can be made. Often this can only be done by listening to and responding to, a view different to yours. Again, no one of us is the font of all wisdom and we often broaden our knowledge more through contact with those we disagree with than by those we agree with or agree with us.