Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Few Thoughts

I wish I could thoroughly describe how liberated I feel to be mobile again. Having my wifi card no longer means having to crawl out of bed early in the morning to check my email (that doesn't mean I read it then). I can turn on the PDA and in a matter of a minute or two I can see if I have anything important or if it's all just my daily dose of jokes. If I can't sleep at 1am, I can surf blogs or catch up on the news from Ohio or Kansas. It isn't so much that I am hindered by my PC, I just like choices, and I got used to having this choice LOL.
Yesterday was a very good day for me, not just because I got the wifi card either. I have long been looking for a vintage 1980s Uno card deck, as the new style just is too complicated for me (or maybe it's so simple it's too simple for my complicated head perhaps). So while I was browsing the thrift store yesterday, I found a deluxe box of them, with the scorepad still there and the whole deck in good condition!! That made my day even more than the wifi card did, though honestly, it made me cry a little too as Uno was one of me and Mom's favorite card games to play. But I made it through without showing any visible signs of the painful memories - I was just too happy to see it there! It was as if Mom was saying "I'm still here, and I still love you" to me, in a weird way, if that makes any sense.
Don't let my glee of yesterday sound like my current battle with depression is over. It's not. Especially not today. It's days like today where both the happy me and the really depressed me are waging war, both trying to take me over, neither one succeeding. But it's ok, I always manage. As I type this up, I have a cat asleep on my lap... And we all know cats only do what they want to do, and him just coming up onto the bed and flopping, curling up and going to sleep shows how much he loves me. But Curzon is my alpha, he was the first of my rescues, I'm the first human he ever knew, so yes, he loves me! LOL I can hang him upside down and he won't curl up and bite me. I can do so much crap to this cat without so much as a scratch that anyone else would get mauled over it's hilarious - and obvious how much he trusts me to not hurt him.
The roommate's project is coming along much faster than normal, although I screwed up one of the patterns, dyslexic me switched up the colors!! HAHA leave it up to me to switch up two colors, luckily he doesn't mind, cause by the time I caught it I was too far done. I'm working on his facsimile USA flag pattern side now, after that just one more side and then I MUST deal with what I'm going to do for the box's bottom! But I'll be lucky if I get to that by the weekend, as I still have a bunch of work to do. The PDA's crochet pouch is finished, except for the hand-stitching of the lip so I can put in a draw string. I'm once again pondering whether or not I want to make a canvas case for my PDA, as I hate the aluminum case's right-side hinge!! I want the lid to either be above or on the left side!! But the aluminum case is very good for when I'm outside as it prevents the PDA from getting warm, and its belt clip keeps me from losing it. Oh and I forgot the card storage slots!!! (If I was using it the day I lost my wifi card I'd never lost the card! It'd been secured in the case! Oh well, water under the bridge!)
As aforementioned, the cats are doing well, especially Nimbus it seems. Yesterday afternoon he decided he was going to lay ON me like his uncle usually does, no persuasion at all from me, not even to get up onto the couch where I was laying!! He NEVER lays on me. I'm lucky if he lays close to me! Such an independent cat. And then he usually only follows HIS human to the bathroom, not me. That's Curzon's job (and occasionally Jadzia's) to follow me everywhere. And I do mean everywhere in this apartment. But I don't mind. Except the bathroom!! Curzon gets so offended sometimes if I shut him out... But somethings we humans want and/or need privacy! But this morning Nimbus decided he was changing plans, and I happily abliged him - this time.
For those of you wondering, yes I am finally starting to feel better. It's been a stubborn stomach bug, but I'm starting to feel human again! I still have the occasional queasiness, but not like I did a week ago! Now it's occasional headaches and jaw aches from the f***ing wisdom tooth! But both I'm much more used to and am much better at fighting. Stomach bugs knock me on my back every time.
I'm still not watching much of the news, I'm still trying to catch a break from all the dying that permeates the news lately - especially the local news coming out of Philadelphia (or as so many here refer to it as, Philthadelphia). I am still wondering when the people are going to get so sick and tired of the killing and cough up the details the police need to lock all the murderers up. Just getting the guns off the streets won't do it, the criminals will just get their guns from other markets or means. The answer lies with stiff penalties for violent crimes, and murder by gunfire should be an automatic life sentence. Sadly it's not, and that needs to change. But I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir, so to speak.
So I'm off for now, as without my dose of news, I don't have as much to rant about!! Peace to all!

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Cheryl said...

Yeah for mobility! I'm sure if I had a PDA I'd be totally addicted. I'm glad it was such a good day for you.