Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Getting closer...

... to getting back wireless!
Thanks to an arrangement made so willingly by cuz, hopefully before too much longer I'll be back mobile and moving freely again. Hopefully this card will have the same range. Would be nice if it was stronger, but I'd happily take even close to it lol. Of course I'd REALLY like to have my other one back but oh well.
Not feeling so hot today, think I got a case of icky tummy to say the least LOL. Was planning on a 2nd try at the thrift store... another day though. Today's out. Have to do laundry... yuk even worse. Luckily I got the worst of the housework done yesterday so it's just tidy up day today.
Finally got caught up on the blogs I been reading except the new one or two that's still just on my pda. One day I'll migrate them to the pc too. LOL. Been brainlocked as to stuff to write tho as I've been taking a break from the news. I was getting too p*d at people on tv I could never vent to and getting so sick of the same old sht and no one to listen.
Like the 26 yr old Marine fighting the country's call for a FIFTH deployment to Iraq. Let that guy rest. Matter of fact, he's done so much, they oughta let him RETIRE, benefits and all. How many soldiers do FOUR tours? And Bush wants a fifth out of him? FU Mr. President.
Oh so classic. Just as I start to get upset, I get a big ol cat on my lap, this time my 20lb alpha. LOL and he's such a good boy, just jumped up and laid down on my lap. ..... And purrrrrrrrrrr LOL, can ya tell he's my baby? LOL rotten spoiled brat, then again so's his sister, and his nephew!
Switched back to the Indoor Formula Purina, as the Urinary Tract formula doesn't sit so well with Curzon on its own, so I'm mixing it in, and seeing as how the IF is only 9.50 and the UT is like 15.99 for an 18lb bag each... well, it's much cheaper too!! And all 3 babies are happy, rotten spoiled cats! Course Curzon's gotta watch me eat too... lol...
So on that note I'll sign off for now. Talk laters folks. And I still want ideas!

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shy_smiley said...

Howdy, Lynx. Thanks for stopping by chock-a-blog. I never watch or listen to the news precisely because it gets me all POed and I'd rather not feel that way about the world. I'd rather go do some thrifting and fill my corners with stuff that thrills me. But I'll be stopping by every now and then; the news you talk about here is more news than I get anywhere!