Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Gawd do some people not know what deodorant is? GAG!
Some dude (I caught only a glimpse of him as he left the complex) was putting menus for some chinese restaurant on the doors here, and I had to go get the laundry so I stepped out a minute or so after he'd passed by my door. I stepped out the door and I swear I've never smelt worse BO in my life! I'm glad I didn't walk up to him! Now I understand it's 92 outside right now, if not hotter now. But deodorant goes a long way! Geez!!!!! If both the man and our roommate can come home sweaty but not stinky (and they in the construction trade) after a 10 hour day, then surely this guy can use some deodorant! Aye carumba! Needless to say I think I lost my sense of smell for the day LOL. That's ok, I ate a little to try to calm my stomach, all I gotta do is git this laundry up and git that bed made and I am done for today. Good thing too cause all I wanna do is puke :( I'm only getting sicker as the minutes tick by. Oh well.

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