Saturday, July 14, 2007


Some days are definitely harder than others, and this is definitely true today. Between my normal aches, the wisdom tooth ache, headache from too much loud music last night, and this backache I woke up with, I'm already grouchy. Then add on the slightest of friction and I turned into a little baby all by myself just wishing Mom was still alive. Luckily no one was here to see that regression, it's not pretty. Any other day and I'd be fine. But for some reason, today isn't one of those normal days. Everything I see, everything I taste, it all reminds me of her. And then I start to bawl like I did the day I found out she'd passed away. But therein lies the point. Grief doesn't have a schedule, and even when you find some semblance of normalcy, there will still be bad days. So today I think I'll just take my pain killers (gotta love aleve), run my errand, and then kick back and enjoy the silence. Maybe I'll play a game, I doubt it. Maybe I'll surf the 'net and chat a little, I don't know. I think right now I just want to listen to some soothing music and relax as the pain killer works. My neighbor introduced us all to this guy a couple days ago and we all just dropped our jaws at this guy play, just him and his guitar harp. His name is Andy McKee. Enjoy with me!

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