Monday, July 9, 2007

Updates etc.

Clearly once I step outside, it automatically decides to get 5 degrees hotter. Or so it feels at least. I can never get across town (half-hour walk or so) and it still be nice outside. This time I got semi-smart tho. I put an ice thingie in my backpack purse to help keep my (bad for summer drinking) soda from getting hot and nasty. Kinda felt good on the back too!! Luckily it's not getting as hot as they were forecasting it would, but that only tells me it WILL tomorrow. I await rain with joyful anticipation as it will bring cooler weather, and hopefully eventually, lower humidity. The bugs are atrocious this year though as its been a wet year (compared to last), I've been bombarded by what seems to be mating-courtship flights at least 3 times by mosquitos. Evening is even nasty lately, humid, hazy, and just warm. If I wanted this kind of nasty weather, I'd haul the family to AZ during monsoon season. But I wouldn't wish this weather on anyone. Plus it's even hotter out there this year. So I think I'll just shut up. LOL
Got a beautiful postcard from my (sorta-adopted) Mum today, she mailed it last Thursday, from Rocky Mountain National Park. Makes me wish I was in CO too right now!! O sweet vacation, how I miss your sweet tasate in my mouth... Wait, IF I were to go on vacation, I'd either be in KS or OH, and both are hot and KS is surely swarming with mosquitos worse than here with the flooding as of late. So I guess I'm stuck in PA!
We are desparately trying to keep this summer cold from running around the house, tho I got the feeling I won't succeed in not getting it. Though, oddly enough, I have much closer contact (obviously!) with the bf than I do our roommate but I rarely catch anything the bf has, but I get sick every time the roommate does it seems!! Hm... maybe the bf keeps a better lid on his germies? I'll just be glad when it's gone from here, he sounded AWFUL this morning, under better circumstances, I'd ordered him home today, but no can do atm :( - so off to work.
I've been a bad girl in letting my projects pile up on me. I still haven't gotten to making that 2nd canvas lid. AND I haven't spent much more time on trying to fix BookLib on the PDA. Nor have I crochet'd that project for the T-bird of ours. I've been busy crocheting! First the frisbees (crochet'd yarn over coasters), then a mini-pillow (I won't say what I stuffed it with so allergy-prone peeps won't sneeze) and now a cover for my PDA. No it doesn't have a hole for the screen or anything, I just wanted something thick yet tight to go over it while I'm outside and not using it. However, it'll only be tight when I'm using the big lug of a battery, but I use it most anyways, so it made more sense. I still haven't gotten to those umpteen little bears either. I have yet to start on the roommate's canvas box either! Oh dear, so much to do, so little time, and I still have housework to do! lol
Thinking of the PDA, I'm STILL trying to determine how I'm going to go about having an easily accesible list of ebooks that I can just click on a title and have it load it in my ebook reader. Someday... Best I can come up with is shortcuts that I rename. But there's a LOT of them whose file name and ebook title don't exactly match. UGH.
The cats are doing great, keeping them indoors even at night. I don't need them overheating, not like any want to go out during the day anyways. But Curzon would probably royally enjoy a nighttime walk as he hasn't gotten his normal dose of attention the last few days. He's still kinda miffed at me for spending so much time upstairs with the neighbor's cats. Oh well. It's been a blast up there, even for sober me. Best party is the one where you're the sober one watching everyone else having fun and laughing along and knowing you'll remember every moment tomorrow! ;-)
And a wee note for my wonderful neighbor if/when she ever reads this... E, you're the best, luv ya, and you are the coolest neighbor! If I hit the lotto, you, J, and all your kids come with me! I think if I hit the lotto I can afford a few hundred acres in Montana :P I'll share! And ty for getting the door for me when I had that double-armful of laundry, greatly appreciated. Now just tell me how to tell Nimbus that the couch cover isn't part of him and therefore doesn't need a bath!!!! LOL
On that note I shall shut the **** up right now as I'm a hair close on going on a political rant about Libby and the recent BS going on. So off I go!!

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