Friday, July 6, 2007


Sometimes life is better enjoyed from the outside looking in. Especially when we're dealing with people being silly. It's easier to watch the silliness from afar. Thus is my night tonight. I just hope the silliness doesn't cause falls. Especially not on me!!! Hehehe. Good party for a sober kid though.
Guess what folks?? I MADE IT TO POST #100!!!!!!! Ya'll kept reading, so I kept yapping. So for post #101 (or shortly thereafter), I want your suggestions! I want to know what you all think I should write about! Be specific!! Don't just suggest something broad like politics, get specific like the plan by some to start withdrawing troops immediately. Get my point? Give me some help folks!! I want to do a tribute to all of you faithful readers! And even if it's something personal, I might just do it!
Anyways, I'll write more later, when I'm not half asleep and it's quieter. Goodnight folks.


Cheryl said...

What a great idea. I don't have one for you right now, but I wouldn't mind asking the same thing on my blog. Sometimes we just need some inspiration.

Walter parker said...

The best stories/blogs are those on a subject that you have strong feelings for. Either for or against.
So write about things that you both know and feel strongly about.
Also don't just criticise but offer suggested changes or possibilities too.
As you like cats so much and would like to do something to help strays etc. Write some ways you and others with the same likes, can do something practical. Produce some statistics or things people can do to help.