Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Why do even the Democrats have such low approval of the Democrat-led
Congress? It's easy. They lied. They lied when they said they were
going to demand change in Iraq. They lied when they said they were
going to require "benchmarks" before sending more money. I'm not
saying I agree with the Democrats. What I AM saying is, if you - no
matter your party affiliation - promise your base one thing and do
another, you will quickly lose support. It's unfortunate this time
that there is a lot more at stake than a couple congressional seats.
It could provide Republicans with momentum going into the Presidential
election. It can affect how we fight the war against the radical
elements in the Middle East. It can affect the whole face of Congress.
What needs to happen is we need to ban politics from being a career.
We need to go back to the day when ordinary citizens were in
leadership roles. When your word was your honor and you paid the price
for not doing as you promised, or at least trying. We need to throw
away the labels of "Democrat" and "Republican" and get to the truth -
we are Americans, and it's time we start acting like it again. America
does not get involved in every disturbance around the world. America
respects and honors the soverignity of other nations. America supports
her friends in the world, but also understands that she's not
responsible to take care of her friends all the time either. But
instead, we've mingled in almost every conflict in the world that we
had no business being in, especially the last few decades. There was a
reason we didn't get involved in the World Wars earlier than we did -
it wasn't our war to fight. We supported our friends through covert
means, but we weren't about to ask our sons (and daughters) to fight a
war for someone else. We shouldn't have gottten involved in Vietnam,
Korea, or this second war in Iraq. We helped a friend who couldn't
help herself repel an invasion, and we should've stopped there. But
instead, we went back a few years later and totally overthrew that
I'm not saying Saddam was a good man; he wasn't much worse than
Hitler. But it wasn't our job to overthrow him, that job fell on the
shoulders of the Iraqis.
But what's done is done, we must finish what we started - and soon. We
must finish helping the Iraqis set their military back up. We must
help train local police departments. It's time we finish up - then GET

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