Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stupidity in Philly (and an 'aawww' moment)

So often our laws seem inadequate, and even worse, our government's
reaction to a well-meant response to inadequate city actions are met
with disapproval. Take Philadelphia for example. There is a question
on whether or not to pursue murder charges in the case of a 1966
shooting of a Philadelphia Police Officer who finally succumb to his
injuries this week (one bullet lodged very close to his spine). Now
granted, the criminal spent a few years behind bars for attempted
murder. But seeing as how he never reformed and to this day - almost
40 years later - is living in a halfway house, perhaps this is a man
that shouldn't even be out on the streets? Now I understand the
thought process that it might be hard to prove that it was injuries
from the shooting that killed this man as he wasn't exactly a "spring
chicken" anymore, but the coroner has already stated the cause of
death, and if that's the case, then why shouldn't the District
Attorney try to seek justice for the family?
Yet here's the other end of the spectrum. A man has decided to make a
sign pleading with the citizens of Philadelphia to stop the shootings
(90% of which are usually fatal). There are two other such signs on
city busses and/or storefronts, but because this one features a
blown-up image of a 9mm pistol along with the names of all 406 murder
victims of last year, it's too racy. Yet the other two posters aren't
much better if you ask me (and this is a direct quote out of
yesterday's Inquirer): "One ad targeting illegal weapons features a
little girl, a gun, and a price tag. In the Mayor Street-endorsed "Put
It Down" campaign, a gun pierces a red heart splattering black blood."
So a gun all by itself - no children, no blood - is worse than one
with a child and a price tag? WTF? Here's an idea: build a prison for
just murderers, and anyone caught and convicted of gun-related murder
is automatically sentenced to life in prison. Unfortunately, that's
not the answer, but it'd keep them - and their guns - off the streets.
The answer may be more radical. First of all, this culture of silence
MUST be broken through. The police often cannot solve a murder
investigation without eyewitnesses coming forward. But maybe
Philadelphia needs a concealed-carry law? Maybe if the criminals
realize they're liable to get killed themselves they'll quit killing
each other - and sadly, often innocent people in the process.
The problem is obvious. Sadly, the solution isn't quite so obvious.

OK to brighter news.
Thank you E for letting me watch - and help a little - as you made the
biggest heap of lasagna I've ever seen in my life! Maybe someday not
too far from now, when it's getting cold outside, I'll make my own
attempt at it. But dang that was good!
And speaking of E, it was absolutely adorable yesterday, folks, I wish
I had pictures. She's got two white cats, a male and a female, of
which the male just loves people - especially me when J ain't around
(if Q's favorite woman is around, everyone else is sure to be ignored
LOL). So yesterday, just after the lasagna had been put together, I
kicked back on E's couch, and up comes Mr. Q... Whom, granted, isn't
quite as heavy as Curzon is, but is still chunky enough to make a
skinny kid go OOF when he sits on the stomach. But this time he
decided it was nap time - right on me. So we crashed together... And
both of us dozed off! Of course when it was time to get back moving,
my black long-sleeved shirt looked more like a white cat, as I was so
covered in fur, but it was worth it! There's no better medicine in the
world than having a cat trust you enough to sleep on you, especially
when he's not your cat! Of course, as I typed that, I got a set of
eyes staring at me from across the room by Ms. Jadzia as if saying
"Ain't NO cat loves you more than ME!" And she's probably right... The
only competition would be her brother, who, the moment I pick him up,
pretty much goes limp in my arms. Of course that only makes the cat
seem even heavier, but it's ok. I should be more than used to picking
up 20lb cats by now!
So anyways, I do think it's time to STFU and let this blog go into the
blogosphere before it turns into a blog of epic proportions!! ;-)
Peace and love to all my peeps!!

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