Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Little Info...

Well, some of you have been reading my blogs since I finally got to
blogging some months back and still don't know too much about me, so I
thought it was time I tell ya'll a little more about me than what's in
my profile. Hope ya'll don't mind.

Favorite musicians (as of 080107)
1. Godsmack
2. Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. The Drams (just look em up!)

Last 3 Songs stuck in my head
1. (current) "Voodoo" - Godsmack
2. "Snow (Hey Oh) - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Thanks Jeannine for
getting it stuck in there! LOL)
3. Assortment of The Drams' songs off of their "Jubilee Dive" CD

Pet Peeves and annoyances
1. Prank calls - so stupidly annoying to me!
2. Stupid PA drivers who don't know basic rule #1 - pedestrians have
right-of-way, especially if we're already half-way across when you
even get to the intersection!!
3. Stupid family and friends who think that if it's not right, it's my
fault, or who think I can change the world all by my **** self!
4. Those pesky bugs!
5. Pushy religious types. The more you push your religion on me, the
worse chance you have!!

Favorite Colors
1. Black
2. Dark Blue
3. Dark Purple

Favorite Hobbies
1. Sleep
2. Eat
3. Sit outside when it's pleasant weather
4. Make people laugh - hopefully not at me
5. Write

Biggest Blonde Moments
1. Just happened too - going outside to write a blog on the PDA,
keyboard in hand, but no PDA!!
2. Putting the wifi card in my pocket!
3. Trying to make my famous chicken without my #1 ingredient -
butter!! That's like trying to make tea without tea bags!!

Biggest Dreams
1. Hit the lottery, see one of my previous posts as to why
2. Find that stay-at-home online PC job so I never have to work retail again!!
3. Live out in the middle of nowhere so no one can find me and I only
have to go into town for food yet still have zoom fast internet

Next item on the agenda: eat

If I had $1000 I would spend it: at the vet with the cats having the
twins' hearts checked and if I had enough $ left over, getting their
shots updated and getting them groomed.

If I only had $100 I would: hire someone to do all my laundry for me
and spend the rest at the thrift store!

Longest-Running Nicknames
1. Casper
2. Bigfoot (I STILL get called it, cuz, regardless of your sister-in-law)
3. Klutz
4. Midget
5. Bottomless Pit (cause I can eat so much)
6. Absent-minded Professor (D'OH!!!!)

So folks, I think that's about it for now. If I left something out,
let me know and if I can, I will post the answer!! And smart-@ss
comments from my fave relatives is ok... In good taste! (:P cuz)

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Walter parker said...

I hope that Item No 5 in your pet peeves and annoyances list doesn't refer to me????????????