Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Heat Wave

I heard this line of BS this weekend on the TV: "It's official - the heat wave is over." All because ONE day we managed to NOT slip into the 90s. That's BS. It FELT like 90 that day. So KMA it wasn't no breaking of the heat wave. And I wouldn't so much mind 90 so much if it wasn't so humid and already back to 80 by 8am. I had to leave on my morning errand at 630am just to escape the heat! But the low fog was around, and the humidity was still suffocatingly high. Right now they SAY it's 90 feeling like 95 but let me tell you, they lie. Heat index is a FORMULA, it doesn't TRULY tell you how hot it feels outside. It feels like 105. And I've lived in 115 degree heat. This is pretty daggum close to it. I just want to sleep all day and then do my housework at night but can't with the guys both sleeping. It just doesn't work like that, and to get me to vaccum right now is almost comical if not so insane to ask, as I just got in from a trip in from the heat to go see what was going on at the thrift store. Never mind I've been a bad girl - I haven't eaten yet and I didn't eat enough yesterday. But gosh dangit, I'd rather keep my food down once I ate it, and in this heat, one step outside and my stomach wants to empty out! Now I'm sure the peeps in Arizona are laughing at us as we whine about the heat, but may I remind you that rarely do you see humidity as high as ours is, and when you do, you scream just as much!
So here's my song for the day... anything that brings RAIN!!!!!


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Cheryl said...

So, so hot here too, except I've been in the water more than I've been out. That's how I've been staying, well, not cool, but cooler.

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I haven't responded more. Vacation, you know?