Wednesday, August 15, 2007


The Imus lawsuit... Not Imus' suit, the suit filed by one of the
Rutgers players against Imus, CBS, and MSNBC... Ok wait a minute,
wtf?!? Are we that thin-skinned that a few words can ruin a career?
Granted, what Imus said was wrong, and should never have been spoken -
by anyone much less someone with a national audience. That's not the
point. He paid his dues. He's not worked in 4 months. That's a pretty
good suspension if you ask me. Now he's in talks to get back to work.
But if this lady'd just let the words go and get on with her life, I
seriously doubt anyone would have said anything different about her
than if the whole thing had never happened. Now she's marked as
another person filing a frivolous lawsuit. The media now has its mark
on her, and everyone know who she is, better or worse. If I filed suit
every time someone said something bad about me, I'd be the poorest
millionaire in the world, as I'd have many lawsuits won, but no one'd
pay. Sometimes it's just better to keep your mouth shut and move on.
Make the best of your situation, learn from it, and move on. But some
people are just money hungry. Like those in the African-American
community that want us white folks to pay reparations for their
ancestors' slavery. Sorry, my family wasn't here long enough for that.
And for those who were, the crimes of the father shall not be held
against their great-grandchildren! Your ancestors should've taken care
of that then. Grow up. Move on. Quit trying to get your sticky hands
in MY pocket. It's light enough as it is! Try working for your money
Now other news...
So, the surge is "working" eh? Ok then why are hundreds of Iraqis
still dying? Why are we still losing soldiers every day? It's time we
sit the Iraqi government down and say, get your act together or we'll
leave and you can deal with the Saudis and Iranians yourself!
The Chinese must think that they can do whatever they want. First cat
food, then toothpaste, now toys!! If possible, we need to boycott
everything Chinese. I'm just fed up with them.
Space is still dangerous, no matter what NASA seems to do. No matter
how much they try to cut down on foam chunks from the fuel tank, a
piece managed to come off and hit the underside of the shuttle
Endeavor. Why can't we replace a few tiles in space? Even more
importantly, why can't NASA keep the fuel tanks in one piece?
So our economy is in good shape? Why is the housing market tanking,
many local economies dying, the stock market falling fast, and so many
people struggling just to get by? A good economy is marked by low
inflation and low unemployment. So far, anyone I know looking for a
job is having a hard time finding anything, and even then, two jobs
are often necessary. That doesn't sound too good for me.
The miners still haven't been rescued in Utah. It's been over a week.
Can they really still be alive? I am hopeful, but I am a little
pessimistic nowadays.

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