Monday, August 13, 2007

Thanks to a cat

Alright, I have to fess up, one of my cats figured out how to totally draw my mind away from all of the crap that has gone on lately around here and focus it on much better things. And go figure, it was Ms Jadzia!
Now there's something you have to understand about this cat. She is VERY shy, very untrusting of humans, even more wary of the outdoors. She shuns her collar until it's actually ON her, then she jingles her bell! But grab the lead, and she's liable to stare at you like you're insane or just outright make a dart out of arm's reach.
Last night was different. She didn't resist the lead being latched onto her collar. She didn't squirm too much to get out of my arms on the way outside. She didn't cry while we sat outside. She didn't constantly beg to go inside, scratching on the door. This is so NOT Jadzia habit. It is NOT in her personality to LIKE being outside. Last time she was voluntarily outside, she ended up pregnant (would YOU want to be outside after that... I think not).
Jadzia had a blast outside. She was walking around the landing, watching the traffic, watching people, giving her two humans all the affection she could, and getting it all back - and enjoying not having anyone competing for attention with her. Towards the end, I gave her a little pat on her hind quarters, just a lovepat, nothing that could be misconstrued as a "move it" pat. But she took off down the stairs! I was shocked but I thought she just wanted a better view of the world. I was wrong. She slowly made her way up the sidewalk, sniffing everything along the way, taking a few chomps on some grass. She stayed out where she was obviously vulnerable for a good 5 minutes (which in Jazzy-time is eternity LOL), but when whistled for, she ran straight back to the landing, where she proceeded to give a headbut, then ran back down the stairs and tried to take me on a second walk! Of course we said no, as it was late and we humans had to be up early in the morning. So she decided she was going to act like her brother and resist the entire way! Once we got her up the stairs though she realized it was time to go inside, and went willingly, though not at her normal feverish speed.
Now granted, she didn't do a full lap or two like Curzon had done a little earler in the evening. But for her to walk halfway up the sidewalk, approaching traffic, is very impressive! But if you're going to get brave and try something new, and you hate anything that moves that ain't on 4 legs and smaller than you, nighttime is the best time to do it. I nearly cried as she took her first brave steps out (wuss, I know, but Jadzia had never shown that side of herself) and then laughed at her when she decided she was taking over the pace and direction of the exploration. It was a thoroughly enjoyed moment at a time when I needed it most. Now if I could only figure out why these cats are suddenly taking to grass... They usually avoid it! Maybe it's that pineapple top that they got to chew on for a while a couple weeks back. Maybe they got the taste of fresh greens. I don't know. I'm just happy that my little girl is starting to come out of her skin.
You know this little cat has a way of reaching deep down inside of you and just making you feel so special. And with the way she was last night, she reminded me sometimes we do need to just go balls-to-the-wall and try something new. Otherwise we'll just dislike it because we never tried to like it. And as she lays curled up in her little ball on the loveseat, she also reminds me that a good rest after such an excursion - even if it's a whole day later - gives you time to contemplate the events and determine how best to proceed.
So what's on your agenda for today? Will you continue on your monotinous routine, bored and unhappy with your life? Or will you try something new, even if it's just trying to grow a plant for the first time? Will you do so today? Or will you put it off for another day to come?

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