Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fast Food Absurdity

I'm not one for sticking up for big business, but this time I feel I must. I'm so sick and fkn tired of people suing fast food restaurants like McDonald's because you're so stupid. It's not like big tobacco, they're not adding stuff to their food to make it so addictive you can't STOP eating. Let's be serious. We ALL know that fast food isn't healthy in most cases, and surely McDonald's isn't. So to sue them because you got fat is just absurd. You know its not healthy, and therefore liable to make you fat. They didn't force you to eat their food, take some responsibility for your own actions! It's just as rediculous as the person who sued McDonald's because he/she got burned when they spilled their coffee... COFFEE IS BY NATURE HOT! You HAVE to know when you're buying that coffee that it's hot enough to burn your tongue if you drink too much too soon, and therefore is liable to burn other areas of your skin. Grow up... and take responsibility!

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