Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Private Life vs. Public Life

After the Senator Craig bathroom bust scandal, I've been thinking about where a public figure's private life becomes public knowledge. It happens to anyone in the spotlight - whether you're amongst the famous in business, politics, or entertainment. If you live in the public spotlight, you automatically lose a measure of your privacy. But, especially for politicians, why is it so important what your sexual preferences are? If it's not affecting your job, then is it any of MY business what you do after you clock out? I would get upset if you were soliciting prostitutes on taxpayers' time or missing important votes because you were having a secret rondevoux with your partner. In Senator Craig's example, though, there is a catch. He's a conservative, family values, pro life, anti gay-rights senator. So if he's so hypocritical to be voting against gay marriage yet he, himself, is gay, I must wonder where his values truly lay and whether it's affecting his job. If he'd just come out and say "I'm gay, but I don't think we need the 'married' label. I think we need to find a compromise," I'd be willing to let this go. But he denies being gay to this day and denies that anything illegal or illicit happened in that bathroom stall. The question is then, why would a police officer from another state, who likely had never even heard of him, and had nothing to gain by setting this man up, risk his job and reputation? One has to assume, through logical reasoning, therefore, that something was implied in that bathroom. All I ask is for honesty, and right now we're not getting it. Then again, if you're rich, famous, and young (being female helps too), you can go out drinking and driving all you want and you'll have a very high chance of not spending more than a few hours in jail. Yet if us ordinary folks did such a thing, we'd be in jail for at least a month, depending on where you got busted. HONESTY.... What a novel concept!!

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